Our expertise

ATEPE-ARKAL know-how:

Thanks to many years of development and machining of plastic parts and seals and technical sealing systems, SAS ATEPE-ARKAL has acquired a strong experience that it makes available to its customers.

A dedicated team support you in all your achievements, simple to more complex in compliance with the machining standards in force.

Main market segments in which SAS ATEPE-ARKAL is present are the following:

Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Medical, Cryogenics, Chemistry, Petrochemicals, Rail and Automotive

Main applications for which we offer our products:

Valves, pumps, valves, filtration, bottling, conveying, valves

Main machined parts:

Valve seats, valves, membranes, bushings, bellows

Main machined seals:

Rod seals, piston seals, guide rings, aseptic seals, rotary seals, complete pistons

In order to provide you with products adapted to your applications, we machine the following materials:

Virgin and filled PTFE, virgin and filled PEEK, VESPEL©, PEI, PCTFE, PVDF, HPU, PLA, ABS, PA, POM

Materials with at least the following approvals:


For all these materials from manufacturers known and recognized for the quality of their products, we have built up a stock to meet your needs as soon as possible.

Our ability to adapt allows us to offer you a multitude of products while respecting your specifications and the multiple prototyping needs.

Our mastery of machining and our means of production, allow us to offer you our services for unit quantities to several thousand parts in compliance with the tolerances applicable to technical plastic parts.